The Dogmatic Left!

Those who pin their flag to the Marx, Engels and Trotsky social science of dialectical materialism are often accused of dogmatism. Are such accusations deserved, or are they simply another tool used by capitalists to undermine the alternative?

The writings of Marx and Engels are fascinating and so relevant that you’d be hard pressed to find disagreement. As for Trotsky, I have not read much at all, accept for the odd article on the Socialist Equality Parties (SEP) website.  The reason that I ask this question in particular is rather a personal one.

My friends and I share a common frustration with the capitalist system currently trashing the planet. We share a desire for equal societies and a cleaner world on every level. We share an anger about poverty and the mass destruction of nature. We also share a history. My friends however consider themselves Trotskyists, Marxists and socialists while I am reluctant to pin my flag to any one theory, ideology or social science.

My reluctance may be the result of an undecided belief in human nature. I have yet to encounter any single idea able to paint a perfect picture, concluding that perhaps science is unable to explain the human being and his/her behavior.

During our numerous and ongoing debates we reach a point at which we cannot agree. The scientific facts and therefore truth which dialectical materialism provides.

I am constantly told that no other philosophy has been scientifically proven in the same way as dialectical materialism? Sadly I do not believe that there is a single truth, or that science can explain the human condition. Am I badly mistaken? Are my friends dogmatic to believe that the ideas they espouse to are correct and everyone else is mistaken? Or are we all a little dogmatic in our understandings of politics because our own experience is after all what guides us along with our individual interpretations no matter how objective we aim to be? Are we as humans really capable of objectivity, or is everything subjective, and if the latter is true where does that leave any claims of scientific knowledge?


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