Clitorial Comedy!

I’m often tickled when I mention my clitoris during a show. Not literally of course, there is nothing less sexually arousing than observing female faces whose lips suddenly resemble a dogs behind on hearing the word. Seemingly they are clitorisless! It is their clitorislessness which tickles my inner chuckle! I wonder how they ever managed to demonstrate to a lover their preferred method of stimulation and have hence concluded that they perhaps did not, thus their facial twist.

Such women you might suppose are elderly, or members of the WI, but that isn’t at all my finding. The worst ‘fish faced’ culprits are those who are desperately trying to belong to the WI, but lack the appropriate character, or who have awarded themselves betterment as a result of some inner morality they believe they have within their possession. hyacinth bouquet springs to mind.

So why do some people feel discomfort when faced with reality, especially when it is delivered in a comedic non realistic context?  Perhaps they truly believe that my husband mistakenly moisterised my chrysanthemum? Perhaps they believe that I have kept my rampant  rabbit in a hutch on the lawn for ten years unbeknownst to my husband? Perhaps they truly believe that I confront him on a nightly basis wearing leather accessories and over sized male hormone? Perhaps they just think of me as a crass women with no shame?

There is always an element of truth in comedy, but know I haven’t, I didn’t and I do not…well at least not regularly! But I’d like to…..Just for a laugh. And that is just it…..Just for a laugh!

The clitoris can bring joy to us all, even if it’s only in a joke. We need to chill out and enjoy our clitoris’s, we need to move beyond it being a dirty word. Precious perhaps. But dirty, only when we so desire!

So tonight, when you lie in your bed ask yourself, did I let the rabbit in, why’s he still out in the garden, and where are my special nickers?



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