“Black people don’t go to galleries” – The reproduction of taste and cultural value

This is a great blog, well worth a read. Being from a working class background and still identifying myself as a working class girl, there are so many places over the years where I have felt discomfort in a particular setting.

Media Diversified

David Osa Amadasun David Osa Amadasun

by David Osa Amadasun

Since childhood I have always been curious as to why rich people were rich and the poor were poor. Fast-forward two decades and that same curiosity has evolved into a call for action to do something about the insidious ways in which inequalities infect our daily lives. It was during the second year of my undergraduate degree, at the age of 32, that I became aware of the limited exposure I had had to certain social and cultural resources as a child and young adult. As a teenager my experience and aspirations were heavily influenced by two things: the media (mainly TV and music) and the church – my mother was an international evangelist. During one of my undergraduate courses I was mentally conversing with a lecture about the ideas of the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu onSocial andCultural Capital. I had…

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