About me.


This is supposed to be the easiest thing to write about. Well we will see? 

I once thought that growing up on a rough British council estate had made me streetwise and tough, only to realise later in life that it  disadvantaged my opportunities in life compared to fellow Brits. In comparison to most people in the world I am advantaged. I now where very strong glasses!

As a comedienne still performing a script I wrote many moons ago before the privilege of an education (which I am still, and hope always to be engaged in) I am frustrated with my profession.  It sounds like the best job in the world to some, and many assumptions spring to mind when somebody says “I’m a comedienne”…..That was probably one of my reasons for trying to be funny. Its a way of tickeling an ego which will never giggle! The life of show business, for me at least, was…

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